Callisto Network upcoming events

Private txs through smart contracts

Launch date: July 20th

Token in Binance Chain (No Binance Smart Chain)

Launch date: July 20th

Next coin reward decrease (block: 5,900,001)

Approximate time: 09/18/2020 14:23:25

Now on, every mined block rewarded with 216 CLO

After reduction, the reward for each block found will be 129 CLO

Avg block time (last 1000 blocks): 12.405

Callisto Network exchange information

CLO buy sell
bitfinex: 0.00000007000 btc 0.00000008000 btc
hitbtc: 0.00000007053 btc 0.00000007062 btc
stex: 0.00000006000 btc 0.00000007000 btc
Exchange wallets
Wallet address Wallet name Balance
0x16c633f1afc23dc14e29e2c3220a4b5e4a5260a0 Bitfinex 42114473
0x3083a7ec44ca2b038d4be4b0798152f948f0f3d7 Stex 10097566
Amount: 52212039
Total: 52212039